Adesso iMouse E7 Vertical Ergonomic Mouse



  • IMouse E7 is designed for left hander users
  • Vertical design let you hold your hand as “handshake position”
  • Programmable buttons let you easily control the mouse
  • Available in wired and wireless model to fit your need


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Adesso iMouse E7 USB Vertical Left-handed Mouse is designed for left handed users. If your wrist pain just won’t seem to go away, try a specially designed vertical mouse that completely changes your stance and keeps your hand in its natural “handshaking” position. The shape is thoroughly designed for natural comfort and easy-to-reach mouse buttons.

No finger stretching or reaching is needed to press or operate the buttons. For gaming, the built in DPI switch on the top allows for convenient adjustment of your browsing precision without even letting go of the Adesso iMouse E7.

Optional advanced programming software will allow you to control and customize all 6 buttons , LED colors, and assign macro keys. The iMouse E7 also comes with 3 additional weights inside that you can remove or adjust for a sturdier or lighter feel depending on your preference. Start browsing the internet, your email, and achieve victory with various online games with the new Adesso iMouse E7 USB Vertical Lefthanded Mouse.

If you want a wireless mouse, go with E70.

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